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For Internet services to prosper commercially, Bestseo believes in giving utmost importance to electronic privacy. Unless you relent to otherwise, the information will remain secure between two parties, you and Bestseo. Also, we make sure to communicate special offers only if you need them. The information that we present to our advertisers are a compilation of relevant statistics comprising the opinions of visitors based on surveys presented to them. Some of it even arises out of the sum total of the on-site behavior that is noticed in the process. The internet serves as an excellent medium of infotainment as we put it. Bestseo takes the responsibility of securing the privacy of clients, till they consent to its revelation to another party.

To express any doubts and queries on the aforementioned statements, you may get in touch with us at

Bestseo makes use of the gathered information in the following manner:

  • Collect Personal Information for relevant use
  • Contact clients that is you for the collection of the same
  • Gather vital personal data such as name, email address, mailing address, and phone number
  • Note down the billing address for billing information
  • Jot down points of unique identification such as user name and password

Besides Bestseo also makes a note of the following:

  • Relevant data about your business including your company name, telephone number, and company email id
  • We also gather particulars related to user systems such as IP address, browser type, referring/exit pages, and operating system.

The data help us to:

Sharing of Information

Our privacy statement lucidly states how your information would be shared with third parties. Bestseo does not sell this information to external sources.

Your personal information will be shared only with those companies that help us to carry out business activities such as shipment of orders and customer service. These companies will use your personal data only for the purpose of providing these services to Bestseo.

Your personal information will be disclosed under exceptional circumstances such as:

  • Under the lawful actions of a subpoena or any other legal process
  • For the sake of protecting our rights, your safety or the safety of others, to investigate fraud, or to respond to requests made by the government
  • Clients will be informed of any business developments such as mergers, acquisitions, sales of a portion of assets or all of it as taking place with respect to the company Bestseo Inc. You will receive notifications related to the same via email or a notice on our website. You will also be made aware of developments such as change in ownership, use of your personal information, as well as your choices regarding the use of such information.
  • This also involves your prior consent before your data is shared with a third party

PayPal Use

If you wish to use PayPal for all your transactions, your credit card details will be directly given to the PayPal authorities. The privacy policies applicable to your information will be that of PayPal.

Policies for Refund

Bestseo gives topmost priority to any feedback coming from the clients about the services provided. Any message that you send with regards to any error, doubts, or fruitful suggestions will be attended to immediately by our technical support team within 24 working hours. Bestseo believes in working out all the problems on the spot. We have to our credit reports speaking positively about our team and the quality of services we provide.

Clients are not liable to refunds if the following cases occur:

  • When the client demands refund immediately after receiving the service or report
  • When the client wishes to withdraw from the service after having received the same. The client must assume complete responsibility of changing their mind about receiving the said service after having opted for it.
  • When the client decides to opt out of the service for features that are not mentioned on the list provided by the company. Bestseo is not responsible for customizing beyond what it truly promises to deliver.

Third Party E-Commerce Solutions Provider

A third party e-commerce solutions provider allows access to a shopping cart. They assume responsibility for the ordering system and also for collecting your billing information directly to process your order. The company has no right to use your details for any purpose other than this.

Updating/Accessing/Amending/Correcting Personally Identifiable Information

You have the right and access to correct, update, amend, delete, or deactivate your personal data if the need arises. For any changes in your personal information or to withdraw from our services, you may access the member information page or email our Customer Support at You may also contact us by telephone or postal mail by referring to the contact information given below:


Bestseo follows accepted industry standards in order to secure the personal information provided by you. We make sure to preserve the same both during transmission and after having received it. It is important to consider the fact that transmission of information is in no way 100% secure. Thus, Bestseo shall not be held responsible to ensure complete security. In order to clarify related doubts and queries, you can contact us at To make purchases on our website, you must make use of our shopping cart provider for order placement and transactions. Your information will be subjected to the privacy statements and security policies of the third party provider. Kindly read the statement before giving us access to your personal details. Make sure to consider:

  • The party with whom Bestseo shares the information gathered
  • Policies for unsubscribing and data removal

Use of traffic data

Bestseo makes it a point to collect data from every one of our site visitors in order to improve the quality of the online experience we provide. On each of our sites, we collect domain name of the visitor (for instance, the logging access point of the user such as or, referral data (that is the address of the URL previously used by the visitor before coming across one of Bestseo’s websites), and browser and platform type (a Netscape browser on a Macintosh platform, for instance). Bestseo collects visitor data for monitoring products, improving them, as well as targeted advertising. We also keep count and track of the aggregate activity of the visitors to analyze the general flow of traffic at our websites (this involves tracking the source of the traffic, determining its flow within various Bestseo properties, and so forth). Furthermore, we introduce this information into a group to be shared with our advertisers on an aggregate basis. However, Bestseo is not liable to share individual identity or personal information without your consent. Bestseo shares the information with third party companies without leaking any contactable data.

Use of Cookies

Bestseo websites make use of cookies for internal reporting. Cookies are a widely implementable technology that facilitates storage and retrieval of login information on a user’s system. Third party companies that feature their advertisements on our websites may also assign their cookies to you, the process of which is not within the control of Bestseo. The advantage of use and access to cookies is that your personal data still remains safe between you and Bestseo, as cookies can only identify systems and not individual users. This means that advertisers will have no clue of your identity no matter what.

The information stored in cookies is not linked to any personally identifiable information that you submit on our website.

Use of Email and URL Addresses Collected from Free Submission or META Tags Generator

There is no room for unsolicited mails in our log files, which comprise email and URL addresses utilized for free submissions and free META Tag generator. We make use of the free submission page to forward email addresses and URLs to multiple search engines in real time. We make it a point to confirm that the search engines are not using this information to forward unsolicited emails. It is important to note that some of these search engines send over auto responses to confirm your submissions.

Use of Email Addresses Collected from Newsletter and Mailing List Subscriptions

Users will receive updates in the form of newsletters, emails, and product announcements on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, once they sign up for any of them on Bestseo. We conduct a double opt-in process to ensure no subscription takes place accidentally. Every subscriber receives a confirmation upon signing up for any of the abovementioned services. They will only be added to our database once they reply to the confirmation forwarded to them.

Most of the Bestseo websites offer newsletters, which are forwarded to all those who have subscribed to them. Bestseo has signed agreements with many other companies to distribute newsletters and mailing lists to user systems. As mentioned earlier, the company also assumes responsibility of updating clients with the latest product announcements. Bestseo newsletters are also distributed across a number of Partner sites whose email addresses are also collected for the
purpose. The email addresses collected by our Partners are either sent to Bestseo for maintenance purposes or are kept by them, provided they adhere to the privacy policies as approved by Bestseo. In order to learn more about the privacy policies of a Newsletter Partner website, you may contact the webmaster of the concerned website.

Users have the option of unsubscribing to the newsletters or product announcements forwarded by Bestseo. This they can do by following instructions for unsubscribing found in every email.

Use of Data from Paid Submissions or Optimization Services

Users must note that all website information pertaining to paid submission and optimization services will be sent across to search engines, directories, and Free for All pages for listing. Credit card information will be kept strictly under the wraps. You will get to avoid spam or unwanted email from automated responses for our 2500+ search engine submission, as we will provide our own email address for the purpose instead of yours.

How long will it take to fulfil the validation?

The process will take about 6 days for its completion. If the errors are many, the project may extend for a longer duration and our team will notify you of the same. If you allow Bestseo to share privileged information with a third party organization, we will make sure that your individual information is no longer distributed by us, once you make a request for removal. Users must note that Bestseo should not be held responsible for your personal data listed at third party sites even if you have previously consented Bestseo for its distribution.

Bestseo keeps its clients updated about newer products and services from time to time. While the products and services are updated, so are the policies attached to them. Clients will receive updates about any alterations made in the privacy policies and conditions related to these products and services.

Changes in this privacy statement

The changes that we make in our policy statements will be updated on the home pages, this privacy statement, and other areas that seem important for the reason that you remain updated and aware of how we collect information, use it, and disclose it, if we do and under what circumstances.

Bestseo has the right to modify this privacy statement at any given time, so we request our clients to check on it as frequently as possible. For substantial changes made, we will make sure to notify you of the same via email or a notice on the home page.

To clarify doubts and queries with respect to the information given above, feel free to contact us at
Bestseo has its operative branch at:

24, Paris Ave., Edison,
New Jersey 08820, USA.

Additional Policy Information

Clients will have access to public blogs and community forums on Bestseo websites. Users should be careful about disclosing any information on these platforms, as they can be collected, used, and shared by those who have access to them.

Customer Testimonials/Comments/Reviews

The customer reviews and testimonials that Bestseo features on its websites may contain personal information. That being said, we make it a point to receive a confirmation about the same from our clients. No information will be disclosed without the consent.

Links to Other Web Sites

Bestseo sites are associated with links whose privacy policies may be different from those of Merced Systems. Any information submitted to these sites will be subjected to the policies prepared and imposed by those websites. Users are requested to study the privacy conditions of the websites they access very carefully.

Live Chat

Bestseo serves its clients by responding to their doubts and queries in real time. For the purpose, we have Live Chat featured on our websites through which, we get in touch with our clients to respond to their queries. Clients who request for live assistance will need to submit their name, email id, and a message related to the issue at hand. Bestseo does not make use of this information for any other purpose. All of it is used to cater to customer care service alone.

Clients may contact us at to learn more.


Bestseo reserves the right to modify its provisions for refund or cancellation policy without sending across prior notice.